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The Simplest Video Explanation of eXp

Why eXp?

The timing couldn't be better.

Growth To Date

In October of 2017 we had 5,000 agents... in October of 2018 we are over 14,500 agents! In February 2019 we are over 17,000 agents. That is unprecedented growth!  Why does this matter?  Agents want technology, they want a fair split, they want ownership and they want to share in the revenue!

The Financials

eXp takes a completely different approach to the real estate brokerage business! It is a successful cloud-based brokerage and because of this is able to function without a brick and mortar infrastructure. Now this is a major plus to eXp, because (as with many franchises) the biggest expense to RE/MAX, Keller Williams and others are the rents for the physical buildings. Couple this with full time staff, utilities, insurance, CAM and other various expenses, and the costs add up, and start eating away the profits.  eXp passes along the reduced expenses to our owner-agents!

eXp Introduction Power Point 

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