Can We Date Before We Kiss?

I hover around 5,000 friends on FB and about 3,000 connections on LinkedIn. I haven’t completely cracked the codes on other platforms that attract business (yet) but these two platforms work well for me. I approach them as tools to help my business and utilize them to my utmost ability. Over the past 5 years I can account for about 35% of my real estate sales and about 80% of my coaching clientele to these social media platforms.
With that said, I believe there is a way or an art to client attraction on social media. I know there are some different philosophies on this subject and as I always say, my way isn’t necessary the “right” way. It’s simply a way that has proven successful for me. The ABC guys (you know these salesmen...#AlwaysBeClosing, #CoffeeisforClosers, #Workaholic-I work 100 Hours a Week) will tell you that you have to hear a hell of a lot of no’s to get some yes’s. They’ll argue that everyone is your client and to make those cold calls. That’s fine if it aligns with your strategy...for me, it’s gross and I hate it. My simple test is that I won’t sell or attract in a way that I wouldn’t be comfortable with as the client.
Call me old fashioned but I want to be dated a little before you get to kiss me. Social Media has revolutionized the way we can reach potential clients. It has also become a breeding ground for those slimy sales tactics that I think bring entire industries a bad reputation. I have been friend requested by people who immediately go into a sales dialogue. I get their cut and paste pitch that they throw at hundreds of marks a day. MLM sales is quite possibly the worst offender of jumping in for a kiss before finding out the flavor of their prey.
I have a friend who is very healthy and actually struggles a little to keep on weight (I annoys me as well). She was friend requested a few weeks ago by a young hard-charging slinger of magic pills. Within 5 minutes of accepting the request, she was assured that this special product could have her dropping 20 pounds without effort. She must have this product. And if she sells it she will be an instant millionaire with no more financial woes ever. Unfriend/Block. Take a minute to find out something about me before you sell me. No matter what your product is.
I have some clients who work on #referral only and do extremely well. They simply know how to connect with people and more importantly, how not to attack people with their product. I sell houses and I know that everyone knows at least 10 Realtors. I am not the right fit for everyone but I am damn good for the buyer or seller who is looking for me. I don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t fit. My time and their time is far too valuable and I would prefer that we both use it wisely with people that make for good relationships.
So...before you #spam your next 100 connections, think about a way to connect instead. The #ROI is exponentially better and you’ll be a more genuine business owner.

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