Nay They Say?

We all have the #naysayers all around us. I used to get really pissed when people who would say no, it can’t be done, you can’t accomplish that. Now, one of two things happen and both are completely within my control. I either let it fuel me or I think about the #motivation that drives that thought process for the naysayer. On occasion, it comes from genuine concern for my well being and it is important that I identify that so I can remove any begrudging feelings. More often though it comes from that individual’s own fear to act or even jealousy of what they know you will accomplish. Either way, you have to continue your journey without allowing someone else’s hang-ups and objections to impede your progress.
I’ve mentioned before that I had a very rough life growing up. We were extremely poor and my parents were beyond abusive. We didn’t fit in at school and there was really no sanctuary from the constant bullying at school or at home. While it was very depressing, I knew that there was more in the world and from the time I could remember, I focused on getting out of the life I had no control over. At 12 years old I responded to a Marine Corps recruiting postcard. They sent me a nice iron on Eagle, Globe and Anchor patch and put me on their mailing list (old school drip campaign experience). I decided that the Marine Corps was my ticket to something better and immersed myself in believing I was going to join the ranks of the world’s finest fighting force.
When I was leaving my home at seventeen to attend boot camp at Parris Island, there was no love lost between me and my father. The last thing he said to me as he was dropping me off at the Greyhound bus station was, “I’ll see you in two weeks.” In other words, I was about to fail and he wanted me to know that he thought so. This wasn’t motivation, it was purely his belief that I would not succeed. From that exact moment, I stopped caring what others believed when I had a goal. Until that time, I had looked for approval or encouragement from all the wrong places. It was quite the epiphany in the realization that I needed only to believe in myself and to ignore those who weren’t on board with me.
I can tell you that when I marched across the parade deck in my dress blues on February 14, 1991, I was a proud US Marine. I thought of all the times that I wanted to stop and didn’t. I considered the ramifications of not graduating and how that perseverance changed my life forever. There would never be a time where I had to have approval of anyone except those I chose to give that permission to. And yes, because I am human, I gloated at the thought of my father having to eat his words and know that I had made it.
What are you doing today that is driven by others approval? More importantly, what aren’t you doing because you’re afraid of what someone else may think or say? STOP! Do they have an opinion that matters to your life? Spouses, children, family and close friends that have your best interest in mind excluded here but you shouldn’t give that power to anyone else. If anything, do it in spite of those naysayers.
Today, you should reflect on all the things that you would like to #accomplish. Think about the people who would encourage those goals and surround yourself with them. Share your #dreams and your goals with them. I promise, this will help you reach your success. Of equal importance, remove the naysayers. Their only place in your life is on the sidelines watching you accomplish what they said couldn’t be done.

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