PLANNING: The Partnership Between The Conscious and Subconscious

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2019
#Planning is a funny thing. It is happening every conscious moment for us whether we recognize it or not. There are more than 1 million pieces of data that our brain can detect at any given time through one of our senses. I talked about the Reticular Activating System in a previous blog and how it filters through all of this information. This allows us to focus on the limited data that is significant to what we are focusing on.
This has a lot to do with our #subconscious. Planning to eat. Planning to get up. Planning to go to an appointment. Whatever our day has in store for us, the mind is in a perpetual state of preparing, whether we actively engage or not. How we convert this subconscious planning into activity is where we win our day. Physical planning comes into play when we use our calendars and lists to accommodate and determine our schedules. Our subconscious will assist by sending impulses to sync with what we have planned. When you can both plan your schedule and act on the subconscious impulses, you can expect to become more effective and enjoy your days much better.
The 5 Second Rule
Impulse planning is something I have been exploring lately. This is simply the idea of getting into action as soon as you have the impulse. Getting out of soon as the alarm goes off. The Five Second Rule was extraordinarily eyeopening. The practice is as simple as anything I’ve tried to do yet it has been life altering for me. There is so much science behind this process and it is something that I wish I had been aware of 30 years ago.
The 5 Second Rule is just a short circuit from #procrastination. I have been proactively working on employing the practice for about 5 months and the only thing perplexing about the practice is how it can be so simplistic and effective at the same time. My productivity is twice what I normally experience in the same amount of time. The best part is that it doesn’t feel like I’m doing more yet the results are there consistently.
Why Does It Work?
Our brains are triggered by specific senses or thoughts to get into action. This is based on the everyday planning we do. The alarm clock sounds and intuitively we should get up, after all we set it at a time to coincide with our plans. However, the human mind needs only about 5-7 seconds to shift from motivation to procrastination. This is when we have to decide to get up or to sabotage our plans and hit the snooze button. The idea is to capitalize on the immediate action impulses that come into our conscious and get into action.
Understanding how the conscious and subconscious planning phases interact with our impulses is vital when we consider what type of day we prefer to have. I enjoy my days much better when they go as I plan. Of course, this means I need to put effort into planning and ensuring that I am consistent in my planning and tracking. When I allow my subconscious to do its’ thing, I get to win.
Go plan your days!

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