The ONE Thing

Gary Keller and Jay Papasan narrowed down identifying and focusing on one thing in a great book, #TheOneThing
I don't have just "One Thing" I have a bunch of one thing(s) that I knew I needed to incorporate in my life to be a better husband, father, entrepreneur and man. I also was cognisant that while I wanted to be better all around, it was typically one incremental change in each of the different aspects of my life that I should attempt. One thing I have learned over the years is taking one step at a time is the only way to run a race.
Here are the One Thing(s) that I have identified and where my mindset is around their growth. I have been incorporating each thing little by little, day by day to create new habits and a better me.
1. FAMILY. Presence in Family. PUT DOWN THE PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION. Have family dinners complete with discussions. No distractions.
2. MINDSET EXPANSION. By reading a book a week (often listening to audible) I have given my mind some much needed exercise. My criteria for books is all about self development and growth. I have enjoyed so many in the last year that I am compiling a list to highlight my biggest aha from each. No more talking head radio or political BS on the road. It's almost always on audible.
3. HEALTH. I am committed to a healthier lifestyle because a healthy body is important for a healthy mind. This means a better diet (struggling but making progress) as well as working out consistently. I quit drinking completely for almost two years and I have been at Orangetheory Fitness for about 4 months with only a break for surgery. My mind is better for it as well as my body.I started training for the next half marathon-Medina Half Marathon on May 25th 2019.
4. MEDITATION. I had to get an app for that! I didn't know where to start and anyone who knows me know that I struggle with sitting still. I use Simple Habit and it has become just that...a great habit that I look forward to in the morning. It charges my batteries and almost clears my head!
5. TRACKING and KEEPING SCORE. “What we focus on, expands.” When we know our numbers, we can focus on recreating the wins and learning from the fails. Man is by nature a competitive beast. I have always competed but I never understood what winning really was about. Now I focus on the competition of me. How can I be better if I don’t know what I have done. This is the cornerstone of goal setting. Tracking, evaluating and correcting has to happen if you expect growth in any aspect of your life. Want to lose weight? Inches? Cholesterol? Run faster? Jump higher? Swim farther? Make more money? It doesn’t matter what your goal is-you must track it in order to grow it.

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