Victim? Rarely

I recently heard that in life you are either a victim or victor. Before you chastise me, I am fully aware that things happen to all of us unexpectedly. Some truly horrific things happen to us and this is not what I am referencing here. I’m referring solely to a mindset. We’ve all met that person that is a perpetual victim. Nothing is their fault and the world is against them.
This #victimmentality is subtle and yet is undeniably futile and disastrous. The victim mindset is void of culpability and responsibility for our circumstances and conditions. I’ve been in some really bad spots in life and I’ve come to realize, that each crummy circumstance I found myself in-I chauffeured myself. Not once was I forced. On occasion we can all make bad decisions regardless of our intent but it is how we react and rebound that defines our character. Those who blame others for the lack of success will not grow or succeed on a large scale in comparison to those who...
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Can We Date Before We Kiss?

I hover around 5,000 friends on FB and about 3,000 connections on LinkedIn. I haven’t completely cracked the codes on other platforms that attract business (yet) but these two platforms work well for me. I approach them as tools to help my business and utilize them to my utmost ability. Over the past 5 years I can account for about 35% of my real estate sales and about 80% of my coaching clientele to these social media platforms.
With that said, I believe there is a way or an art to client attraction on social media. I know there are some different philosophies on this subject and as I always say, my way isn’t necessary the “right” way. It’s simply a way that has proven successful for me. The ABC guys (you know these salesmen...#AlwaysBeClosing, #CoffeeisforClosers, #Workaholic-I work 100 Hours a Week) will tell you that you have to hear a hell of a lot of no’s to get some yes’s. They’ll argue that everyone is your client and to...
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The ONE Thing

Gary Keller and Jay Papasan narrowed down identifying and focusing on one thing in a great book, #TheOneThing
I don't have just "One Thing" I have a bunch of one thing(s) that I knew I needed to incorporate in my life to be a better husband, father, entrepreneur and man. I also was cognisant that while I wanted to be better all around, it was typically one incremental change in each of the different aspects of my life that I should attempt. One thing I have learned over the years is taking one step at a time is the only way to run a race.
Here are the One Thing(s) that I have identified and where my mindset is around their growth. I have been incorporating each thing little by little, day by day to create new habits and a better me.
1. FAMILY. Presence in Family. PUT DOWN THE PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION. Have family dinners complete with discussions. No distractions.
2. MINDSET EXPANSION. By reading a book a week (often listening to audible) I have given my...
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