Nay They Say?

We all have the #naysayers all around us. I used to get really pissed when people who would say no, it can’t be done, you can’t accomplish that. Now, one of two things happen and both are completely within my control. I either let it fuel me or I think about the #motivation that drives that thought process for the naysayer. On occasion, it comes from genuine concern for my well being and it is important that I identify that so I can remove any begrudging feelings. More often though it comes from that individual’s own fear to act or even jealousy of what they know you will accomplish. Either way, you have to continue your journey without allowing someone else’s hang-ups and objections to impede your progress.
I’ve mentioned before that I had a very rough life growing up. We were extremely poor and my parents were beyond abusive. We didn’t fit in at school and there was really no sanctuary from the constant bullying at school or at home....
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