Can We Date Before We Kiss?

I hover around 5,000 friends on FB and about 3,000 connections on LinkedIn. I haven’t completely cracked the codes on other platforms that attract business (yet) but these two platforms work well for me. I approach them as tools to help my business and utilize them to my utmost ability. Over the past 5 years I can account for about 35% of my real estate sales and about 80% of my coaching clientele to these social media platforms.
With that said, I believe there is a way or an art to client attraction on social media. I know there are some different philosophies on this subject and as I always say, my way isn’t necessary the “right” way. It’s simply a way that has proven successful for me. The ABC guys (you know these salesmen...#AlwaysBeClosing, #CoffeeisforClosers, #Workaholic-I work 100 Hours a Week) will tell you that you have to hear a hell of a lot of no’s to get some yes’s. They’ll argue that everyone is your client and to...
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