I struggled with a cool title for this. Something eye catching. Alas, I came up with nothing specific and ran with just the simplicity of the word. There are so many directions to go with this subject. Mapping, setting, designing, planning, creating and whatever else you want to label it. It doesn’t matter what you call it, most entrepreneurs are familiar with the ideology but are down right laughable at implementation. Resolutions get recycled every New Year and the gyms are empty by mid February.
Most of us have good intentions with our goal setting. Someone once told me that the road to hell is paved in those. My grandfather was an Irish immigrant who came to Kentucky as a young boy. He possessed a fourth grade education formally and suffered from polio as a child. He was also one of the wisest guys I knew. I once told him that I had meant to do something but never got further than the intention. He told me to go down to the store and ask what I could purchase with...
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