Victim? Rarely

I recently heard that in life you are either a victim or victor. Before you chastise me, I am fully aware that things happen to all of us unexpectedly. Some truly horrific things happen to us and this is not what I am referencing here. I’m referring solely to a mindset. We’ve all met that person that is a perpetual victim. Nothing is their fault and the world is against them.
This #victimmentality is subtle and yet is undeniably futile and disastrous. The victim mindset is void of culpability and responsibility for our circumstances and conditions. I’ve been in some really bad spots in life and I’ve come to realize, that each crummy circumstance I found myself in-I chauffeured myself. Not once was I forced. On occasion we can all make bad decisions regardless of our intent but it is how we react and rebound that defines our character. Those who blame others for the lack of success will not grow or succeed on a large scale in comparison to those who...
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