About Sam

A licensed Realtor since 2006, Sam began coaching and mentoring professionals on the number one real estate sales team in Ohio. During his eight-year tenure with that team, he developed skills in business planning, negotiating and coaching business professionals. Although the team was extremely successful, he was not satisfied. "I was missing passion and it just stopped appealing to me. I wanted success beyond numbers...I wanted to build a business based on relationships."

This realization helped him make the decision to begin his own journey in real estate and business coaching. "What I have come to understand through coaching is that I love helping people achieve their goals whether it be home ownership or their business potential. I don't care for transactional business that puts more emphasis on numbers than the people we serve. This isn't industry specific...if you measure success based solely on numbers, I don't think you have a sustainable plan.

My belief is that success is based on personal satisfaction while achieving goals that matter most to you. This requires specific goal setting tailored for the individual and is typically my first priority.  It is my duty to assist entrepreneurs find awareness around their "why" and guide them to fulfill their potential. No coach can do this for anyone...it is a joint effort. This is the root of the #DTFW process."

Let's back up...Where did he begin?

Sam didn't envision himself in the business world when joining the Marine Corps at 17 years old. He completed 6 years as an active duty Reconnaissance Marine and joined the Cleveland Fire Department soon after. Because he wanted to continue with his military service after the Marines, he enlisted in the Army as a reservist. He served 14 years with combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan while maintaining a full time position with the fire department as a paramedic and firefighter. 

Although fighting fires was something Sam loved, it just didn't pay very well. He had become a Realtor to make ends meet but had no real intentions of making it his full time career. That changed after realizing that he simply had too much on his plate. He had fought fires for 17 years and retired from the military. He decided that it was the perfect time to leave the fire department and the real estate team he was on and go all in on his own. 

He has spent the entirety of his adult life thriving in high-pressure environments while coaching, mentoring or training others. His approach to business coaching is developed from that stressful and high-tempo background. He implements solid foundational practices to build a mindset of consistency in all aspects of business and life. He is able to identify the necessary incremental adjustments that lead to creating strong habits and an overall success that is sustainable.

"I believe in simplicity therefore processes and procedure development is paramount in my world."


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